Business: The Point of No Return

“I Quit” John said to his boss. He said that certain of decision but uncertain of the long-term implications for his life. His decision was final, he would be focused on growing his business from this day forward.

There comes a point in a business when you are all vested in and have no option but to make it work. For some that point comes at the beginning of the business, for others it may come towards the middle part where they have actually left a job or forsake other suitable or gainful employment for the sake of the business. It may come at a surprise, but it may not occur to the business owner that they are at a point of no return while they are in the midst. Instead of living day by day in faith for the success of the business they do the necessary without editorializing every decision. This outlook will help ensure the ultimate success. Lack of editorialization over small business decisions helps keep the owner focused on the survival of the business rather than philosophizing about every step. However, certain pivotal moments must be noted. Those who editorialize do it for many reasons. For starters, many people find it helpful to maintain a business journal to help steer them on track. This journal provides for regular reflection into the state of the business. If a person is not into journaling they may find other methods of reflecting which may be storytelling.

Storytelling can take place in various forums such as networking groups, small business groups or sharing personal stories with friends and family members. Often time, when people recount stories of their business they may be modest about their accomplishments. They may not even realize the extent of their commitment. The purpose of the recounting of the tales of the business will enable self-reflection into the commitment that’s been made. The extent of the involvement may not even be clear to the speaker. It’s not so much about extracting a philosophy as much as exchanging ideas or stories about what made you make the jump into the entrepreneurship track. You may even surprise yourself with the stories that you may share. Stories in this sense, include stories of actualities and what is presently happening with the business or past stories of hurdles overcome or accomplishments.

The forum you join will determine the type of stories you share. For example, if you have joined the Chamber of Commerce meeting groups you may be limited in the type of vulnerabilities you choose to expose yourself to. Smaller groups like business masterminds help facilitate these types of dialogues. Some of the topics of conversations, include: “what are some of the challenges you’ve faced or what are some ways you’ve overcome a hurdle this past week? In their forum, the issue is framed properly to enable the dialogue, the internal self-discourse that leads to the public dialogue. The public dialogue will be sufficient recounting to identify defining moments where the point of no return may have been reached.

The point of no return may be different for some, it may be a subtle moment of saying “no” or for some it may be a triumphant moment of raising the stakes and putting all our eggs into that business basket. It may be quitting your 9-5 job to focus on the business, or it may be a small decision to simply expand and grow an exclusive clientele; or the type of clients you want to work with as opposed to targeting everyone as a client. All these typed of choices are pivotal moments in the life of a business that should not be undocumented. Narrating these moments to ourselves and others give them their due significance in the story of the business.

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