3 Common Psychological Roadblocks And How To Navigate Them

Imposter Syndrome

This is a condition that unfortunately afflicts many individuals. What happens is, no matter how much education or experience, the person feels unqualified (erroneously) for whatever they are doing. To overcome imposter syndrome, you probably will want to read as much as you can about the condition so you can mitigate it.

Often, it helps just knowing this is a thing that so many people have. If you often find yourself saying, “someone else can do this better than me”, “I’m not an expert”, or “theirs is better” and other things like that, you may have imposter syndrome.

Haters Going to Hate

If you get any type of joy in life, someday someone’s just going to hate you for no reason whatsoever. At least no reason you should be concerned with. But finding out you have a hater can make it hard to move forward.

The truth is, you can learn a lot from your haters. First, tune out anyone who is just full of it and not really contributing anything useful. However, sometimes a hater’s words may end up being valuable. You might want to look inside to ensure you’re not able to do better on something that would be beneficial. Dig deeper. You might find a hater has some serious personal issues that need resolving.


Whether it’s internal or external noise, if you have too many distractions it’s hard to focus and be creative. Whether that’s the TV being on, somebody interrupting you or your own anxiety, it depends on your situation. Getting rid of distractions can help a lot.

To do that, identify the distraction and then eliminate it or learn to deal with it better by changing your mindset.

For example, if your spouse is the noise, you can’t really control them. Tell them how you feel, ask for what you want, and set the right boundaries. If they won’t stop whatever it is that’s causing the issue, you can’t make them, so you’ll have to either change your mindset or leave the situation.

If it’s not a person, but electronics, outside noise, or something that’s causing you not to be your most creative, you can eliminate those distractions by changing your location or turning off the electronics. Figure out the problem, then find the solution based on the problem.

When you are feeling blocked, one thing you can do right away to change things is to change the scene. Get outside. Turn on some different sounds like classical music or even white noise to drown it out. Push yourself to try something new. If you can’t come up with ideas in one place, you may come up with them in others.